Where Is IoT Headed in 2019?

Where Is IoT Headed in 2019 and which companies are best poised to make a difference in the IoT space this year?  Check out what Senet’s CEO, Bruce Chatterley and other IoT company leaders predict as the major trends for the year in Shannon Lee’s article published in IoT For All:

“2019 will see two major trends that will feed off of each other and propel the Internet of Things to its next stage of growth. First, Tier 1 carriers, cable operators and MVNOs will move beyond their evaluation and small regional deployments of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) and begin providing national and global connectivity plans. Innovative LPWAN network deployment and ecosystem engagement models will facilitate rapid network expansion and drive change in traditional networking architectures. Second and simultaneously, first-mover markets like water and gas metering will begin deploying connected devices at scale. The “proof-of-concept” in these markets will be replaced with large-scale commercial deployments, creating the foundational proof points other markets are seeking to justify their IoT technology choice and go-to-market strategies.”

Bruce Chatterley, CEO at Senet