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Senet’s turn-key cloud-based Operator Enablement Services enable network operators to rapidly and cost effectively deploy LoRaWAN services on their physical assets (towers, buildings, etc.) and offer branded low power wide area network connectivity to their customers. With deep experience in sectors like utilities and buildings, partnering with Senet is about embracing a reliable platform and becoming part of a growing IoT ecosystem, ensuring sustainable growth for the future.

Senet’s Platform Advantage

For years mobile network operators have been conservative and even skeptical about their ability to participate and profit from massive IoT. This is in large part due to their dependence on traditional connectivity service business models and the prohibitive cost of replacing critical elements of the network infrastructure. The good news for operators today is that investments made in digital transformation can pay off handsomely as IoT has taken off and customers are implementing massive, distributed projects.

Shorter Time to Market – Our platform facilitates a rapid market entry and offers flexibility, ensuring you can effectively address your customers’ requirements.

Affordable and Scalable Pricing – Our pricing model offers a cost-effective and predictable structure for operating your LoRaWAN network.

Increased Reach – Utilizing our LoRaWAN platform grants you comprehensive access to the extended coverage of our expanding global network. Additionally, we proactively facilitate infrastructure development to cater to the expansion requirements of partners driven by their clientele’s demands.

Migration Expertise and Vertical Domain Knowledge – Benefit from our comprehensive migration expertise, complemented by in-depth domain knowledge in pertinent verticals, such as utilities and buildings.

Future-Proof Technology – We provide cutting-edge technology, supported by financial infrastructure investors from, ensuring that stakeholders in our ecosystem can strategize and execute projects with a horizon of at least a decade.

A Strong Ecosystem – By selecting our platform, you integrate into a robust IoT ecosystem that encompasses device manufacturers, solution and application providers, utilities, and property owners, among others.

While some network operators have struggled with the complexities of building and managing an IoT network from the ground up, SenRa has gained a significant competitive advantage by partnering with Senet to establish and expand our business.

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Network Operator Case Study

Since launching LoRaWAN connectivity services in India’s National Capital Region (NCR) in May 2017, SenRa has expanded its network operation to over 70 cities across the country. Paramount to SenRa’s growth has been the time-to-market advantages offered by Senet’s Operator Enablement Services, reducing a typical 18 – 24 month network rollout to an average of 90 days.

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BROCHURE: Senet Operator Enablment Services

Senet’s cloud-based turn-key Operator Enablement Services enable network operators and other connectivity providers to rapidly and cost effectively deploy LoRaWAN services on their physical assets (towers, buildings, etc.) and offer branded low power wide area network connectivity to their customers.

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