RAN Provider Services

Add Low-Cost LoRaWAN Gateways to Your Existing Assets to Participate in the IoT Services Economy

Become a Radio Access Network Partner with Senet

Senet has established a unique way for infrastructure providers to participate in the IoT ecosystem by monetizing the infrastructure deployed to connect low-power, low-cost sensors. Become a Radio Access Network (RAN) Provider by deploying and maintaining indoor or outdoor LoRaWAN gateways on your physical assets (towers, buildings, municipal assets and other public and private structures) and share in the revenue generated by all devices connecting to your RAN.

Unlock Additional Value from Your Assets

The Senet Low Power Wide Area Virtual Network (LVN™) includes a unique role for infrastructure providers that enables end device connectivity and application service on any LoRaWAN Radio Access Network using Senet’s Network Operating System

Low Cost Investment & Efficient Operations

Almost no structural tax on your tower and a very low capital equipment investment to deploy

Generate Connected Device Revenue

RAN Providers receive a monthly revenue share for devices connecting to the RAN of up to 40 percent of the contracted NaaS fees

Rapid Time-to-Market

Senet provides a full suite of RAN management and deployment services to get your infrastructure upgraded to LoRaWAN

Expand Your Role

Grow your business by becoming Application Provider or a Network Operator and offer IoT applications or branded LoRaWAN connectivity to your customers

IoT Opportunities for Communication Service Providers

Boundless transformative use cases are available with LoRaWAN technology. Learn how you can generate IoT revenue from your assets and grow to offer your brand as a LoRaWAN Network Operator.

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RAN Provider Services Delivery

Senet provides a new approach to meeting the unique demands of connecting IoT devices at scale

3 easy steps

Become a RAN Provider in 3 Easy Steps

  1. Purchase gateways​. Senet supports LoRaWAN gateways from most commercial vendors. See Senet approved gateway vendor list.
  2. Install Gateways on your asset​s – towers, roof tops, billboards, light poles, etc. and register the Gateways with the Senet LVN
  3. Receive revenue share checks from Senet for all traffic passing through your deployed gateways. Revenue sharing up to 40% based on participation level.

Network Management

Senet provides the latest tools, technology and flexibility for network reliability and service level excellence

Senet’s RAN Provider Portal allows you to provision, monitor and manage IoT gateways, monitor network performance and conduct other critical network management functions. Our network operations team provides 24×7 monitoring and support to ensure the highest levels of reliability and responsiveness to ensure an optimized user experience.

RAN Provider Portal

RAN Provider administrative portal used for real-time monitoring of critical system, network and infrastructure assets

  • Continuous monitoring of system and network health
  • Reporting on historical alerts network-wide or by individual asset
  • Generate cases from individual alerts

Senet Services for RAN Providers

A full suite of RAN management services to complement your current network operations expertise

Senet provides a full suite of RAN management and deployment services. Select as little or as much as you need to speed time to market and support your network operation’s needs.

Site Operations

A full suite of Site Operations services to assist with the planning and deployment of networks in the most efficient way possible

Network Design and RF Planning
  • Gateway placement
  • End Node coverage simulation with forecasted performance
  • Redundancy planning
  • Radio Access Network (RAN) site acquisition
  • Gateway hardware acquisition
  • Provisioning and staging
  • Physical installation: Towers, rooftop, billboards, light poles
  • Onboarding in the Network Server
  • Escalations
  • Managing service inventory depots
  • Gateway/RF troubleshooting
  • Connectivity troubleshooting

Network Operations

Network operations services to ensure the optimal performance of Operator and RAN Provider networks

Operator Dashboard Summary
  • Network Health Trends Analysis
  • Customer Application Monitoring
  • Alerts and Fault Management
RAN Management
  • Gateway Location and Status
  • Connected Devices Count
  • Alerts and Fault Visibility
  • Ongoing upgrades of the cloud-based Senet Network Management Platform

“With Senet’s support, we have the ability to rapidly scale our network coverage to support many new business opportunities and the expansion of our Emerge Technologies IoT brand, while maintaining our commitment to providing industry leading customer service and support”

Inland Cellular

Senet-Inland Cellular Partnership Press Release

Expand Your Role in the IoT Services Economy

Several growth opportunities are available to RAN Providers as your Radio Access Network grows and IoT applications build under your coverage area

With a diverse set of IoT applications characterized by different demands, there is no “one technology fits all” approach to delivering connectivity for all IoT applications. The emergence of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs), however, is fundamentally changing the IoT landscape. The cost and functionality gap between cellular and local-area networks has created an opportunity for LPWAN technologies, which excel at enabling low power, long range sensor applications where only small amounts of data are required.

The LoRaWAN® open specification is a low power, wide area networking (LPWAN) protocol based on LoRa Technology. Designed to wirelessly connect battery operated things to the Internet in regional, national or global networks, the LoRaWAN protocol leverages the unlicensed radio spectrum in the Industrial, Scientific and Medical (ISM) band. The specification defines the device-to-infrastructure of LoRa physical layer parameters and the LoRaWAN protocol, and provides seamless interoperability between devices.

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Senet provides a full suite of network planning, deployment and management services to ensure the highest levels of reliability, responsiveness and an optimal user experience. Our Network Planning and Management Services provide everything needed to build and deploy network sites quickly and cost effectively in order to maintain high availability and deliver the quality of service required for Internet of Things applications.

A Network Design is an easy way to get started. We can help with everything from site selection, RF propagation planning and spectrum analysis.

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Easily grow from a Senet RAN Provider partner to LoRaWAN network operator with Senet’s Managed Network Services for IoT (MNSi™) MNSi is a cloud-based turn-key network service that enables connectivity providers to rapidly and cost effectively deploy LoRaWAN services on their physical assets (towers, buildings, etc.) and offer low power wide area network connectivity to their customers.

To support RAN Providers in their transition to a Network Operator, Senet offers a suite of Network Planning and Management Services to assist with the planning and deployment of LoRaWAN networks in the most efficient way possible.

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Of the billions of IoT sensor-enabled devices expected to be connected over the next few years, more than half are estimated to operate using Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs). Designed for sensors and applications that need to send and receive small amounts of data just a few times per hour or maybe only once a day, LPWANs are transforming the way things are monitored and measured and are contributing to a new wave of IoT innovation resulting in solutions and business models that otherwise would not be possible.

IoT is driving advancements across enterprise and industrial markets, and in vertical industries such as water, gas and electric utilities, agriculture, healthcare and municipal services where it has the potential to streamline operations, deliver time and cost savings and create new services. It is also driving global economic and environmental change with new opportunities for innovation enabling businesses and citizens to make the world a better place.

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