IoT For All Podcast
Where Are the Best Opportunities for LoRaWAN | Senet’s Bruce Chatterley | E171

On this episode of the IoT For All Podcast, Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Senet, joins Ryan to discuss LoRaWAN and where the best growth opportunities are. Bruce first talks about the differences between public, private, and hybrid LoRaWAN networks and shares insights on their new partnership with Helium, which will allow users to use both the Senet and Helium networks for connectivity. They then discuss what has allowed LoRaWAN to become the most popular LPWAN connectivity option before getting into high-level advice for companies looking to adopt IoT.

LoRa Alliance Tech Webinar
Opportunities & Capabilities Created by the Inclusion of the LR-FHSS Modulation in LoRaWAN®

LoRaWAN® regional parameters have recently been updated to include Long Range-Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum (LR-FHSS) data rates. This modulation has equivalent range to LoRa® in uplink. In this webinar, we discuss technical specificities and advantages of this update to LoRaWAN including: High spectrum efficiency at low data rate; Excellent capacity in LPWAN networks deployed with very few gateways and many hard-to-reach devices; and The longer outdoor range and uplink frames that make LR-FHSS well-suited regionally—North America, Australia—where dwell time limitations apply.

LoRa Alliance Webinar
Guidance and Recommendations for LoRaWAN® End-Device Implementors

Technology leaders from LoRa Alliance member companies will provide technical recommendations for the efficient and scalable operation of LoRaWAN, including end-devices, applications, and networks. Key topics include a review of the LoRaWAN Link Layer specification and two companion documents: Technical Recommendation 1 and Technical Recommendation 7.

Senet-NewCosmos Webinar
Leaders & Lessons in the IoT and Natural Gas Utility Space

Learn about the latest developments in gas safety solutions, including the integration of enhanced MEMs sensing capabilities with LoRaWAN networks. Best practices are supported by details from large-scale testing initiatives and pilots that are currently being driven by state legislation across the country.

Massive Public LoraWan Network Arrives in Florida

The arrival of Senet’s public LoRaWAN network in Central Florida has opened up new possibilities in the smart city space. A local water utility, for example, now has the connectivity it needs to deploy an AMI smart meter project. Plus, many other sensor-based applications are on the way with help from Senet and its partner ecosystem.

Using LoRaWAN® to Transform and Scale Smart Utilities

LoRa Alliance® member companies Shenzhen Kaifa, SenRa, Lucy Zodion, Actility, and panellist from InfiSense, will present use cases showcasing how LoRaWAN is being leveraged to transform, enable, and scale smart utilities.

LoRaWAN Webinar
LoRaWAN’s Meteoric Rise in Driving IoT Deployments in North America!

Experts from Target, AWS, Senet, TEKTELIC, and Semtech discussed why they are choosing LoRaWAN as their default choice for IoT deployments, and how they are using LoRaWAN in new ways to launch new use cases and grow their bottom line.

Webinar: Smart Water Trends in the US
Smart Water Trends in the US

This webinar is presented by the LoRa Alliance, in collaboration with Maravedis and the American Water Works Association (AWWA). Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Senet presents real-life deployments in the water industry, including best practices on how to roll-out a LoRaWAN network for AMI and municipal services.

Case Studies
Neptune WMWD Case Study
Simplifying Operations and Empowering Customers with AMI solutions from Neptune and Senet
Carrier-Grade LoRaWAN Network Services
Whitepaper: The Value of Carrier-Grade Network Services for the Delivery of LoRaWAN IoT Services

This whitepaper addresses the need for carrier-grade LoRaWAN network services for critical infrastructure and essential business IoT applications in contrast to other approaches which fail to meet those requirements. 

AMI and Smart City FAQ
FAQ: Everything You Need to Know About Selecting an Infrastructure Platform for Smart Meters, Sensors, and IoT Devices

Senet and MeterSYS are experts in designing, installing, operating, and managing carrier-grade LoRaWAN systems for utilities, cities, and counties across the U.S. If you manage water operations, public works, sustainability and resilience, public safety, or have responsibilities across your community, we can address your questions at both high levels and in-depth.

How IoT Technologies Can Be Leveraged To Get Businesses Back To Work In a COVID World

Senet, TEKTELIC and ADTRAN introduce the TEKTELIC Contact Tracing Solution and discuss how you can use LoRaWAN technology, enterprise network connectivity optimized for distance and accuracy, and cloud-based software for your re-entry programs.