Solution Briefs & Whitepapers
Gas Safety Playbook
Gas Safety Playbook

This playbook explores how LoRaWAN enables remote monitoring and real-time data collection for enhanced gas safety measures. From its robust feature set to the low-cost of deploying and maintaining the network and device infrastructure, we detail how LoRaWAN is revolutionizing natural gas safety and driving utility infrastructure advancements.

Water Utility Webinar
Water Utility Infrastructure Modernization for Efficient and Sustainable Operations

Water utilities are deploying high-density LoRaWAN networks in their districts to support Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) initiatives. Our work with municipal water districts and meter solution providers across the US has resulted in a proven methodology for designing, building, and managing highly scalable, secure, and cost-effective smart meter networks. These networks can be both private and public and built with abundant capacity, allowing them to be used for a variety of #conservation, sustainability and safety applications.

Solution Briefs & Whitepapers
Monitored Natural Gas Leak Detectors Whitepaper

This paper briefly explores the history of detectors, the advance of wireless technology and specifically, LoRaWAN technology, the benefits of monitored detection, the move of states towards allowing wireless technology and the move in New York State towards making all gas detectors monitored.

Product Collateral, Solution Briefs & Whitepapers
Senet Location Services
LoRaWAN Location Services Brochure

With recent advancements in Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs) and multiprotocol devices capable of reporting location and environmental data, solution providers and end users can select the technology, devices, and location services that best serve their business needs.

Solution Briefs & Whitepapers
Smart Building Playbook
Smart Building Playbook

This playbook is designed to explain the value that LoRaWAN brings to building and facility management. From its robust feature set to the low-cost of deploying and maintaining the infrastructure, we will explore how LoRaWAN is providing new opportunities to manage and automate building systems.

Solution Briefs & Whitepapers
QSR Playbook
Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) Playbook

This playbook is designed to explain the value that LoRaWAN brings to QSRs. From its robust feature set to the low-cost of deploying and maintaining the infrastructure, we will explore how LoRaWAN is revolutionizing QSR operations and driving unparalleled business success.

Product Collateral
Senet PaaS
Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) Brochure

Senet’s Platform-as-a-Service allows you to deploy owner-operated LoRaWAN networks with extreme flexibility in gateway and device configuration and management.

Solution Briefs & Whitepapers
LoRaWAN for AMI Whitepaper

A LoRaWAN network offers several appealing features, making it a desirable choice for various applications. Its key attributes include scalability, high capacity, long range connectivity, low power consumption (allowing for end device battery life of up to 20+ years), ease of deployment, robust security, and cost effectiveness. The LoRaWAN Protocol, being open source and driven by its members, represents a unique LPWAN technology that should merit serious consideration for AMI Network implementations.

Eclypses & Senet | IoT Security for a Safer Tomorrow

With today’s advancing technology comes drastic increases in cyber-attacks across all industries. In the IoT space, industries continue to grow and become more vulnerable with new attack surfaces emerging. Watch this video to learn how the Senet and Eclypses partnership offers end-to-end data security to the IoT ecosystem by utilizing MTE technology.

Utility Infrastructure Modernization & Service Optimization

Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Senet, details how LoRaWAN solutions are being developed, piloted, and deployed today to solve business problems and optimize service delivery to citizens. Learn how LoRaWAN positions utilities and their communities for long-term competitive advantage, both in serving citizens and in attracting businesses to their economy.

LoRaWAN Device-to-Device Multicast Communications

In this training session, Dave Kjendal, CTO at Senet, introduces novel concepts for using LoRaWAN for direct device-to-device communication. Building on the foundations of the LoRaWAN Layer 2 Specification, Remote Multicast Setup Specification and forthcoming recommendations, a framework for enabling centrally controlled but locally survivable and autonomous device-to-device communication patterns will be discussed in detail.

LoRaWAN World Expo 2022: LoRaWAN End-to-End Security Walk-Through – July 7, 2022

LoRa Alliance members and leaders from the Technical Committee take turns explaining the security of each part of a LoRaWAN network, from device to application server. More than a discussion on security, the session is a great introduction to how LoRaWAN connectivity works.