Location Services

Unlock the value of LoRaWAN-enabled location services

Senet’s LoRaWAN® Network is Location Ready

Senet’s LoRaWAN network supports a number of location-based products and services, enabling a wide range of applications that can benefit from the combination of location logic and other environmental data.


From network-based location estimation to purpose-built precision tracking solutions, location data helps organize, track, and account for billions of Internet-connected devices.

With over 50% of the IoT market best suited to Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN) connectivity, LoRaWAN networks are well positioned to offer power efficient and cost-effective location capability for a wide range of applications.

By expanding the availability of location data, combined with application-specific environmental data, Senet has opened the door for new business models and use cases.

Location Services Supported by Senet

Cost-effective and battery-efficient location services for LPWAN applications

Senet Location Estimator

Senet’s Location Estimator uses the company’s public carrier-grade LoRaWAN network and Extended Coverage partners to provide customers with location logic for any application that can benefit from estimated presence and proximity detection. This service uses a network-based algorithm to estimate a location and is designed for applications that do not require precise coordinates, but where tracking data combined with other environmental information is beneficial.

Indoor/Outdoor with BLE and GPS

Senet supports several purpose-built tracking devices that include GPS for outdoor tracking, BLE for indoor tracking, or a combination of both.  These devices are typically designed for applications that require high-precision tracking, but benefit from the low-cost, low power, and long-range of LoRaWAN technology.  Visit our Marketplace for devices that are qualified or at various stages of being qualified to operate on the Senet network.

Semtech LoRa Cloud Locator

This service gives customers the opportunity to experience firsthand the power of devices powered by Semtech’s LoRa Edge™ platform and evaluate the accuracy and power consumption capabilities of the ultra-low power and cost-effective solution for indoor/outdoor asset tracking use cases.  Learn More

LoRa® Geolocation

End device position is established by analyzing the variance in the time stamp data relayed from 3 or more capable gateways. Triangulating the end-device’s location uses uplink timestamps and Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA). Note: LoRa Geolocation requires gateways to have high-resolution time-stamping features.

Make Any LoRaWAN End Device Location Aware

Location Estimator

While many location services require dedicated device hardware and frequent communication with the network which can increase cost and drain batteries quickly, Senet’s Location Estimator leverages the company’s existing and rapidly expanding public LoRaWAN network, including integration with the Helium Network, to deliver location information. This feature is optimized for applications which do not require precise geolocation and is targeted for use where estimated location data combined with application-specific environmental data meets the use-case requirements.


Senet Location Estimator

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