IoT Business Acceleration for System Integrators

Building Blocks for Digital Transformation

Network Connectivity & Application Enablement for Cross-Industry Engagements

With the promise of trillions of dollars in economic opportunity in the IoT market, System Integrators can gain a significant advantage by partnering with an established connectivity and managed services provider. This approach provides access to commercially available networks and application support, reducing project complexity and increasing profitability.

IoT Opportunities for System Integrators

Senet has developed a core set of IoT network connectivity and application enablement services to help System Integrators meet their service delivery objectives, without the burden of implementing and supporting the network infrastructure.

From project ideation to proof of concept and deploying at massive scale, Senet can support all aspects of your business engagements. Our secure carrier-grade LoRaWAN network is integrated with leading IoT platforms and our breadth of end device support and application enablement tools support the broadest number of use cases and markets.

We Help You Get to Market Faster

Network Planning & Management

Our Network Planning and Management Services provide everything needed to qualify and deploy network sites quickly and cost effectively. Take the guesswork out of network deployment by partnering with Senet to deliver the quality of service required for Internet of Things applications.


Project Augmentation Services

Senet provides a range of project augmentation services leveraging our experience developing cloud-based network connectivity platforms, operating and managing global IoT networks and developing and deploying IoT applications. We can assist you throughout the product and application development process, from device selection and testing, to proof of concept (POC) and full production deployment.


Solution Partner Ecosystem

Senet’s ecosystem of partners support all aspects of IoT solution development and deployment, providing significant time-to-market advantage.

The Senet Marketplace provides access to over 200 sensor-enabled end devices certified to operate on the Senet network. This resource is designed to assist you in selecting devices that are known to operate in accordance to the LoRaWAN specification and support the features required to operate on a carrier-grade LoRaWAN network.


In addition, we are working with an ever-expanding ecosystem of trusted LoRaWAN solution providers who are deploying applications at scale today. Working with a market-proven application provider can deliver significant time-to-market and cost savings advantage over building your own.


Market Experience

From Utilities to Agriculture and Smart Cities, Senet has experience deploying networks across vertical markets that are driving the adoption of IoT technologies and solutions.