LoRaWAN for Network Operators

A Revolutionary Approach to IoT Connectivity

Modern Technology, New Business Models & Application Enablement

For years Communications Service Providers (wireless operators, cable, satellite, and managed services businesses), have been conservative and even skeptical about their ability to participate and profit from the Internet of Things. This is in large part due to their dependence on traditional connectivity service business models and the prohibitive cost of replacing critical elements of the network infrastructure. The good news for CSPs today is that past investments made in digital and mobile transformation can pay off handsomely as IoT has taken off and enterprises and manufacturers are implementing massive, distributed projects.

The Modernization of IoT Networks

As we move toward a world in which everything is connected, it is no surprise that the legacy networks designed primarily for high-bandwidth applications have proven to be sub-optimal for many of the emerging IoT applications that need to send and receive small amounts of data while consuming almost no power. The evolving requirements for these networks are driving change in the way they need to be architected and managed. With dynamic performance management and application optimization becoming increasingly important, network management is being re-invented with new protocols, pricing structures and customer engagement models suited to low bandwidth IoT communication.


IoT Opportunities for Communication Service Providers

With the promise of trillions of dollars in economic opportunity, CSPs can gain a significant strategic advantage by partnering with an established IoT connectivity and managed services provider. This allows CSPs to immediately expand their service offerings and take part in innovative and lucrative business opportunities that contribute to the rapid build-out of global network coverage at the scale required to tackle the IoT market.

Deploy and Commercialize LPWAN Connectivity Services Anywhere in the World

Senet’s Managed Network Services for IoT (MNSi™) is a cloud-based turn-key network service that enables network operators and other connectivity providers to rapidly and cost effectively deploy LoRaWAN services on their physical assets (towers, buildings, etc.) and offer low power wide area network connectivity to their customers.


Building Global LoRaWAN Networks

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