Scaling Up IoT With Carrier-Grade Networks

Earlier this week, Senet’s CEO Bruce Chatterley joined other IoT leaders Steve Brumer, Partner at BHIoT Group, and Fabio Rosa, CEO of, in the latest Executive Briefing Podcast: Scaling up IoT with a Carrier-Grade Network

Bruce began the discussion by elaborating on Senet’s purpose in IoT. In developing and deploying our cloud-based software and services, Senet is focused on delivering a carrier-grade experience to customers. Carrier-grade means that all of our network services are backed by Service-Level Agreements (SLAs) to deliver the highest levels of uptime, predictability and support at all times.

In a previous post, we outlined the importance of carrier-grade network service as IoT deployments scale from hundreds to hundreds of thousands of connected devices per site or application. See: Senet on 2021: A mandate for SLA-backed carrier-grade IoT networks.

This focus has led to Senet’s deployment and operation of the largest public carrier-grade LoRaWAN network in the United States. Today, Senet networks are deployed in over 29 states, covering over 1,300 cities, serving a population of over 55 million people, and processing more than 1.5 billion of transactions annually.

Our focus on innovation and strategic partnerships has also led to unique and highly differentiated growth opportunities.

The TagoIO IoT Platform

In line with Senet’s comments on scalability and ease of use, Fabio Rosa, CEO of explained the value of their platform, sharing how it provides developers with a rapid head start in bringing IoT solutions to market. With advanced device management capabilities, pre-configured templates, the ability to store data and run analytics, and with integration to critical enterprise services, the TagoIO platform offers all of the features needed to rapidly develop robust applications for a variety of commercial use cases.

And, as noted by Fabio, the TagoIO IoT platform is already integrated with Senet, making it easy to develop applications that operate seamlessly on Senet’s carrier-grade network out-of-the-box!

Big Steps Toward Ubiquitous LoRaWAN Network Connectivity

Intrigued by recent Senet announcements, Steve Brumer asked Bruce to elaborate on to the company’s Extended Coverage and Wholesale Network offerings, new network build across the Tampa Bay Metro Region and partnership with Helium, a peer-to-peer IoT network providing public coverage with over 175,000 Hotspots deployed throughout the US.

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