‘Point of Leak’ Water Leak Detection is Key to Improving Insurability

Senet ProSentry Partnership

On August 1, 2023, Senet and ProSentry announced a partnership to bring innovation and ease to building monitoring. The following post has been contributed by John Rusk, Founder of ProSentry.

The insurance industry is currently facing the most challenging market conditions in decades.  As their reinsurance rates skyrocket, carriers are becoming increasingly selective in what exposures they will underwrite. Simply raising rates is no longer the solution to staying ahead of losses; loss prevention is key, and specifically, Point of Leak water leak detection which catches leaks as soon as they start.

ProSentry’s low-cost wireless smart building solution includes a building-wide risk prevention system delivering real-time monitoring via a loss prevention platform. As part of its solution, ProSentry provides Point of Leak water sensors for areas where leaks are likely to appear – including air conditioning fan-coil units, toilets, tubs, sinks, dishwashers, laundry equipment, and more. The ProSentry solution instantly notifies interested parties – such as building management, property owners, and tenants – so that immediate, preventative action can be taken. These smart sensors can also connect to automatic water valves, enabling prompt water source shutdown in the event of a leak.

In addition, to water leak detection, ProSentry also monitors for natural gas leaks, mechanical malfunctions, air quality, rodents, and more.

What makes ProSentry different?  Traditional Wi-Fi based leak detection systems pose several challenges that ProSentry overcomes by employing a Long-Range Wide Area Network (LoRaWAN) enabled solution. Let’s take a look at this side-by-side comparison of Traditional/Wi-Fi systems vs. ProSentry/LoRaWAN:

Battery LifeYearly battery changes are required for local leak detectors.Ten-year battery life is guaranteed for most devices.  
Interference with local communicationWi-Fi networks are perceived to interfere with local communications.Encrypted data traverses a private network dedicated for ProSentry’s monitoring system.
Signal DistributionTraditional Wi-Fi networks require multiple routers and boosters to adequately distribute the signal.  LoRaWAN technology transmits small data packets allowing for improved signal transmission which can penetrate steel and brick using only a handful of gateways.  
ConnectivityWi-Fi networks regularly require rebooting due to lost connectivity.  LoRaWAN technology is simple and reliable. The network rarely requires rebooting or upgrades.  
Operating PlatformMost solution providers offer one solution per operating platform, resulting in multiple platforms and apps for each solution a building requires.ProSentry offers a single platform for all building monitoring solutions.  
CommunicationTraditional systems rely on multiple text messages, emails or robocalls to notify interested parties in the event of an emergency.  In addition to text, e-mail, and in-app notification, ProSentry relies on an Underwriter Laboratory (UL) certified live operator call center to notify interested parties of an emergency. The call center operators speak both English and Spanish as well as other select languages.
SubscriptionHigh cost for initial device purchase and multiple ongoing subscriptions.  Competitive pricing for devices and one simple low-cost subscription fee.  

ProSentry has created the first innovative system truly adoptable by the broader real-estate community. Thanks to its low-cost, intuitive platform and simple yet customizable notification center, ProSentry offers a new approach to building monitoring designed for proactivity.

ProSentry’s live operator calls within the first minute of detection dramatically decrease the time it takes to respond to a leak and gives building staff the ability to contain water damage to a confined space. A quick and informed response ultimately results in reduced costs for remediation, as well as minimized property damage and losses.

Automatic valves are a valuable addition to water detection systems. Water shutoff valves that rely on algorithms to determine unusual water usage can become frustrating. ProSentry’s automatic shutoff valves only respond to actual water leaks.

Implementing ProSentry’s solution will help buildings access competitive insurance coverage by reducing day-to-day risks while creating smart buildings throughout North and South America. As a result, properties experience less damage, while increasing property values for property owners as well as reduced risk for insurers.

About ProSentry:

ProSentry streamlines round-the-clock detection, real-time building information, and instant alerts into an all-in-one monitoring platform and comprehensive service, bringing practicality and proactivity to residential and commercial building monitoring. Visit prosentry.com for more information.