Podcast: Listen to 151 Advisors Real World IoT Podcast with Senet CEO, Bruce Chatterley

Scaling the IoT with Senet
As published by 151 Advisors

In this podcast, Senet CEO Bruce Chatterley speaks about how the promise of billions of connected IoT devices is not only coming from expected areas of opportunity such as smart agriculture, asset tracking, energy and utilities, and smart cities, but from applications that instrument the ordinary or hidden business activities to yield revolutionary results. Successfully commercializing these opportunities requires transformative enabling technologies and service models.

The “if you build it, they will come” network deployment and customer engagement models designed for personal mobile communications are not well suited for scaled machine-to-machine communication and are being replaced by new models designed to grow through partnerships and application expansion. This approach is creating new business opportunities for companies of all types to participate in the IoT economy.

Listen to the podcast:

For more information, please download an overview of Senet’s connectivity platforms and services.