Yosensi YO Airflow Pro


YO Airflow Pro provides differential pressure data for ventilation systems, making it possible to identify when air filters need replacing. Thus, users can make decisions based on objective parameters rather than on visual inspection or scheduled replacement times.By analyzing differential pressure data, it is also possible to control pressure in air conditioning systems, control and monitor airflow and control circulation fans.The device is used in the HVAC industry, gas boilers, pellet stoves, fuel cells, filter monitoring and heat recovery. YO Airflow Pro operates on LoRaWAN. Depending on the chosen version, YO Airflow Pro can operate in different regions (e.g. EU868, US915, AU915, AS923), adapted to different ISM frequency bands.

Key features and highlights:

  • Measures differential pressure data in ventilation systems
  • Helps identify when air filters need replacing based on objective parameters rather than a scheduled replacement time
  • Battery-powered
  • Long battery life
  • Sensors available for multiple measurement ranges (standard: from -500 Pa to +500 Pa)
  • Very simple, non-invasive mounting
  • Secure wireless communication over LoRaWAN
  • ISM band selectable for regional needs (EU868, US915, AU915, and AS923)
  • Configuration over Bluetooth Low Energy 5.0
  • Wide network coverage and low energy consumption
  • High-quality product made in EU