Yosensi Yo AgriBox

Yo Agribox


YO AgriBox is a LoRaWAN device for measuring soil moisture at 3 points. Additionally, the device contains sensors that measure temperature and relative humidity inside the device. YO AgriBox makes it easy to plan and maintain optimum growing conditions for plants. YO AgriBox is equipped with an enclosure made of ABS with IP67 protection class. The enclosure of the device has IP67 buffers for which measurement probes can be installed.
No soil moisture probes are attached to the device. Our offer includes soil moisture sensors with 2 m wire lengths. These probes have a Polyurethane (PUR) wire and a waterproof sensor enclosure. It is possible to connect up to 3 soil moisture probes. The measuring probes can be completely buried and placed at different depths of soil.