Vinduino R3 Sensor Station


The Vinduino R3 sensor station is a solar powered remote sensor platform. It is optimized for supporting multiple soil sensors, aimed at saving irrigation water and improving crop health at lowest system cost. This product represents the 3rd generation design of our remote sensor platform, and passed extensive agricultural field trials.


  • Works with eVineyard vineyard management software
  • Plug-and-play, ships pre-configured
  • 4 inputs for soil moisture sensors
  • LoRa wireless module included, up to 5 mile range
  • Supports optional temperature/relative humidity sensors
  • Solar battery charger, 3 week battery life without recharge
  • Real time clock for sleep mode power saving and precise irrigation timing
  • Load switch for actuators or sensors that require electric power
  • NEMA 4X waterproof enclosure, 6.13 x 4.63 x 2.44 in (made in USA)
  • Proudly designed and build in California

Supported sensors:

  • Vinduino ceramic soil water tension sensor (4 x)
  • Watermark SS200 soil water tension sensor (4 x)
  • Capacitive (FDR) volumetric soil moisture sensors (3x)
  • Temperature

The Vinduino station is designed for continuous unattended operation in the field. It is powered by a solar panel, and an integrated battery charger maintains the battery at a fully charged state. This ensures full operation at night and during periods with dense cloud cover. The battery state-of-charge can be monitored remotely.