SteamIQ Steam Trap Monitor


Manually testing steam traps is a laborious process and failures don’t coincide with surveys. SteamIQ monitors easily clamp to the outlet piping of any steam trap and test the trap every minute. The SteamIQ dashboard operates on Microsoft Azure cloud. Stand alone or incorporated into your IoT platform via API. Whether you’re a single facility or large corporation with plants around the world, SteamIQ is built to offer seamless integration. With a 5 year battery life, available IP67 rating and Intrinsically Safe CL1, DIV 1 (Fall 2019). For monitoring applications where replacing a battery is not an option, the SteamIQ monitor can be built with solar and thermal energy harvesting for battery-less operation. Our hardware is only half the story. Analytics create value for the data. Both at the micro and macro level, SteamIQ analytics find faulty steam traps fast so you can schedule repairs and get your facility operating at peak efficiency.