SPE Smartico RF86 2.1A

Smartico RF86


RF86 2.1A is a highly integrated low-power radio module with LoRa modulation that provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimizing current consumption. Using LoRa modulation it can achieve a high sensitivity using a low-cost crystal and bill of materials. The high sensitivity combined with the integrated +20 dBm power amplifier yields industry-leading link budget making it optimal for any application. This modulation, in contrast to legacy modulation techniques, permits an increase in link budget and increased immunity to in-band interference. This module also supports FSK / OOK modulation.

The RF86 2.1A module has SPI interface for communication with MCU. RF86 2.1A module’s interface voltage is 2.7-3.6 V. The module has low consumption in transmit mode and idle mode. Using the RF86 2.1A module you do not need to develop the RF part which will save time and resources.