SPE Smartico IS-LR Industrial Sensor LoRaWAN

Smartico IS-LR


The Industrial Sensor LoRaWAN “Smartico IS-LR” is used in various fields of industry, utilities, and automation, for remote data collection and transmission via LoRaWAN networks. The device has universal digital inputs, analog inputs for measuring standard 4-20mA / 0-10V signals, serial interfaces RS485 or 232, 1-WIRE, inputs for monitoring the integrity of communication lines. The device is equipped with an internal battery and also has a built-in voltage converter that provides operation from an external DC voltage source. There are two outputs for controlling external devices. The design of the sensor in waterproof housing allows external use. The compact size allows installation in confined spaces, and special adapters provide reliable mounting to a pipe or flat surface without opening the enclosure.