MultiTech Mdot EVB


“The MultiConnect® mDotTM EVB has been designed to help companies quickly determine if LoRa® is the right technology to solve key industrial IoT issues: how to effectively connect to, and manage, thousands of assets and sensors in the field to meet the cost, performance and strategic needs of the business. The mDot EVB, which includes a MultiConnect® mDotTM RF module, enables users to rapidly create proof of concept applications to determine if LoRa can help companies solve the most difficult challenges in industrial IoT:

  • Create LoRa proof of concepts to obtain sensor data (e.g., temperature, ambient light, electrical current and accelerometer) without the need for heavy configuration or embedded design skills
  • Distance and obstruction penetration: measure your application’s performance against LoRa range capability: up to 10 miles/15 km line of sight, 1-3 miles/2 km through buildings
  • Extended Life – use your proof of concept to measure LoRa’s extremely low power draw which enables battery-powered assets to operate for years