Wellness Telecom Selects Senet as LoRaWAN™ Connectivity Provider

Portsmouth, NH and Seville, Spain – June 25, 2019Senet, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based software and services platforms to enable global connectivity and network build-out for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced a technology partnership with Wellness Telecom, a global provider of end-to-end IoT solutions that improve efficiency and sustainability for Smart Cities, Smart Utilities, and Industry 4.0.

Wellness Telecom, headquartered in Seville, Spain with offices in Orlando, Florida, has deployed IoT solutions in over 400 cities. The company designs and manufactures smart solutions including: WeLight, for monitoring and remote control of street lighting; Quamtra, a smart waste and recycling collection system; WeSave, which tracks energy and water consumption in smart buildings; and Amaia, its IoT & Big Data software solution created to address the challenges and exploit the possibilities of the next generation of smart city projects, allowing for the integration of data from various sources into a single analytics platform. Wellness Telecom plans to expand its United States market opportunity by leveraging Senet’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) connectivity and device management services.

“We determined LoRaWAN is the optimal communication protocol for our IoT solutions. While we have experience setting up LoRaWAN network infrastructure in other countries, it is not a core function of our business. For the US market, we wanted to partner with a stable, reputable leader to help streamline the deployment of our solutions and, ultimately, provide a quicker ROI for our customers,” said David Garcia Ternero, Founder and CEO of Wellness Telecom. “Senet is a perfect fit for our growth objectives. Our strategic partnership allows us to easily connect our full suite of Smart City products to Senet’s network and to easily scale as our customer base grows.”

For application providers, connecting to Senet’s Network-as-a-Service (NaaS) is the most efficient and cost-effective way to deliver data from Smart City sensors to applications requiring municipal, regional or national coverage. Senet operates the largest carrier-grade public LoRaWAN network in North America and provides coverage and connectivity readiness in over 80 countries. In addition, Senet provides a full suite of network planning, deployment and management services to support on-demand network expansion based on the unique geographical and application-specific connectivity needs of its Smart City customers and partners, such as long-range connectivity, dense indoor and outdoor coverage, and geolocation services.

“Smart City solutions present an enormous opportunity for municipalities to achieve social, economic and environmental benefits,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO at Senet. “We look forward to working with Wellness Telecom as they collaborate with municipalities to create the network backbone for connected city-wide services and accelerate the deployment of their Smart City applications across the United States.”


About Senet, Inc.

A Founding and Contributing Member of the LoRa Alliance, Senet is the leader in global Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity used to instrument the physical world and enable businesses to revolutionize their operations. With core values centered around changing the world for the better, Senet is committed to promoting IoT Network and Network Management innovation and supports an open partner ecosystem to ensure that IoT realizes its full potential of delivering economic, environmental, and social improvements. Senet is dedicated to supporting the LoRaWAN protocol as the open global standard for secure, carrier-grade Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connectivity for IoT solutions across all industries. For additional information, visit www.senetco.com.


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About Wellness Telecom

Wellness Telecom is a high-tech company with 11 years of experience developing and implementing solutions in IoT, Cybersecurity, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence. The company uses their Smart technology to meet the challenges faced by cities, territories, public services and industry, and currently has projects in over 60 countries worldwide. Wellness Telecom specializes in large multi-vertical projects that cover the design, deployment and operation of holistic solutions including Safe Cities, Clean and Efficient Cities, Smart Destinations and Connected Industry. The company has expanded significantly in recent years, and now has offices across the globe in Spain, Mexico, the United States, Sweden, Germany and Australia.


For more information visit: www.wtelecom.es

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