TEKTELIC and Senet Accelerate IoT Mainstream Adoption with Networks and Solutions Optimised for Easy Deployment, High Reliability and Low Operating Costs

CALGARY, Alberta–(BUSINESS WIRE)–TEKTELIC, a global leader of End-to-End IoT Products and Solutions, and Senet, a leading provider of cloud-based software and services platforms for the on-demand build out of IoT networks have been working for over 4 years to perfect the deployment of IoT Networks and Solutions for the best efficiency, high reliability, cost effectiveness and ease of operation. Over the years we have deployed TEKTELIC’s Carrier Grade Gateways to support numerous high availability customer networks across the US and elsewhere that have resulted in IoT acceleration and expediency. It now takes half the time and effort to deploy an IoT solution when compared with a few years ago.

TEKTELIC President Roman Nemish says “We believe the IoT mainstream adoption will only take place when companies come with the IoT solutions that provide real and clear value to the end users and work out-of-the-box the first time and every time. At TEKTELIC we challenge technical limits and always have the consumer in mind when designing beautifully crafted, highly reliable and easy to use IoT solutions for massive scalability. We believe the consumer should not only find our solutions useful and cost effective, but feel proud to be a part of the IoT ecosystem.”

Using these core principals, TEKTELIC started 2021 with the release of four new IoT solutions: 1) Contact Tracing, 2) Patient Health Monitor, 3) Meeting Room Booking & Occupancy, and 4) Cold Room Storage Monitoring. These solutions are not only unique because of how they are designed, but because of their ease of deployment, operation, and high reliability to help the consumer became a part of the IoT ecosystem. By offering these solutions with Senet network connectivity, TEKTELIC customers can rapidly deploy, manage and scale their IoT solutions on public, private or hybrid network configurations depending on their business needs.

“If the goal of IoT is to improve systems and processes by connecting real-time data to action and decision making, the underlying means of doing that has to be predictable and reliable,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO at Senet. “Our highly scalable network server architecture and flexible deployment models enable the rapid adoption of IoT solutions by making networks easy to design, implement and use. With solutions ready to use out-of-the-box and carrier-grade network connectivity available on-demand, customers across markets can deploy and scale IoT solutions knowing that the benefits far exceed the risks.”

TEKTELIC attends the virtual CES show, January 11 -15, 2021. Please visit TEKTELIC virtual page on the CES Portal or go to www.tektelic.com to learn more about TEKTELIC End-to-End IoT Solutions.



Jack Stuart
TEKTELIC Communications Inc.
Director – Marketing


Betsey Rogers
BridgeView Marketing