Senet Awarded 2016 Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Award for Internet of Things Leadership


Earns Recognition as a 2016 Manufacturer of the Year, Small and –Medium Enterprise for 100-City LoRa LPWAN Buildout and LoRa Application Deployment

Portsmouth, NH – June 29, 2016 – Senet, the first and only North American provider of public low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) for long-range (LoRa®) Internet of Things (IoT) applications, was awarded the 2016 Manufacturer of the Year, Small–and-Medium Enterprise, by the Frost & Sullivan Manufacturing Leadership Council for its IoT technology leadership. The company was recognized for its successful LoRa LPWAN buildout to 100 U.S. cities and the positive return on investment (ROI) generated by EnerTrac, the LoRa-based IoT propane delivery solution deployed on the Senet network this last year.

“Earning this prestigious award is another proof point of Senet’s IoT leadership and the executional strength of our team,” said George Dannecker, president and CEO of Senet. “It demonstrates the market-proven technology benefits of Senet’s LoRa-based LPWAN and the significant bottom line savings and efficiencies that businesses can achieve by deploying LoRa IoT applications over the Senet network.”

Now in its 12th year, Frost & Sullivan’s Manufacturing Leadership (ML) Awards honor organizations and individuals that are shaping the future of global manufacturing. Award nominations were entered into 13 categories, and they evaluated and scored by a panel of industry experts.

Out of the 100 ML Award nominees for this year’s program, two companies were selected for their projects, one for large enterprise businesses and one for the small to medium-sized enterprise companies. Senet was named the 2016 Manufacturer of the Year, Small and Medium Enterprise, and General Electric (GE) received top honors as the Manufacturer of the Year, Large Enterprise.

Winning the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Manufacturer of the Year Award, Small–and-Medium Enterprise, highlights Senet’s continued growth and market momentum. Earlier this month, the company announced LoRa LPWAN coverage in 100 U.S. cities and an international roaming agreement with the French IoT LPWAN service provider Objenius. Last week, the company launched the Senet Foundry, a special IoT developer program to accelerate development and deployment of LoRa applications for the Senet network.


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Senet, a contributing member of the LoRa® Alliance, is the first and only public provider in North America of low-power wide-area networks (LPWANs) with its class-leading LoRa® modulation for IoT and M2M applications. LPWANs enable value-driven solutions that can unlock immediate ROI by enabling devices to connect over very long ranges (approximately 15 miles) while delivering very long battery power life (approximately 10 years) for an extremely low total cost of ownership. Low cost, low power, and secure, the Senet network has distinct advantages over cellular, Wi-Fi, and other emerging connectivity technologies for the IoT market. For additional information, visit or contact Senet at +1.603.821.0003.

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