Senet Announces Significant Customer Growth in Multi-Location Business and Industrial IoT Solution Deployments

Company Delivers Against Enterprise Market Demand with Infinitely Scalable Network Connectivity for Indoor and Outdoor Business-Critical IoT Applications

Portsmouth, NH – (May 19, 2021)Senet, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based software and services platforms that enable global connectivity and on-demand network build-outs for the Internet of Things (IoT) today announced significant growth in its enterprise and industrial IoT market segments. Of particular note is a dramatic increase in the use of the Senet platform by multi-location businesses as they address requirements for designing, deploying and managing networks for highly scalable and distributed IoT solutions. Senet now processes millions of transactions daily through its platform, after adding more connected devices in the first quarter of 2021 than all of last year.

As in other IoT markets that are maturing, enterprise organizations are realizing that legacy network architectures, management platforms, and deployment models are not well suited to support IoT deployments. Similarly, developer networks and gateway-based network servers may offer enticing low cost entry points for deploying IoT solutions, but they are not designed to scale beyond pilots or small projects given their hard capacity limits, lack of network management tools, absence of carrier grade SLA’s for uptime, and customer support limitations. Cloud deployed architectures like the one developed by Senet eliminate the need to locally provision network access at each location. This provides centralized control, reduces the need for skilled labor and enables an out-of-the-box deployment model that is ”plug and play” at each location.

“When deploying IoT solutions, in addition to purpose-designed networks, businesses want visibility into network and device performance, availability, and status to track closely against their expected return on investment,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO of Senet. “Our enterprise customers are increasingly moving away from developer-grade or crowdsourced networks to better manage the cost and complexity of their IoT networks through an SLA-backed carrier-grade service. In fact, we’re now on our 46th software release, illustrating the constant improvement enterprises can expect – all while maintaining carrier-grade service.”

Senet is strategically focused on providing infinitely scalable, cost effective and secure IoT networks for businesses. Growth in the use of the company’s Network-as-a-Service and connectivity platforms is being driven by businesses that require an interconnected data-driven ecosystem for building infrastructure and energy monitoring, indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring, worker safety and security, asset tracking, food service safety and compliance, and building and facilities management, among others.

Many businesses implementing these solutions are deploying their own indoor and/or outdoor gateways and using the Senet platform to manage the resulting network infrastructure. This model of low-cost infrastructure buildout combined with modern cloud-based network management, is perfectly suited for distributed enterprises, providing:

  • Private network access, public network access (for indoor and outdoor coverage), or a combination of deployment models.
  • Carrier-grade network service supported by Service Level Agreements (SLAs), individually defined and adapted for business requirements.
  • Sophisticated network design tools and services to ensure coverage and performance for in-building, outdoor and campus environments.
  • Centralized control of device fleet management, including bulk device onboarding, policy-based rules for alerts and notifications, and power-optimized firmware-over-the-air upgrades.
  • End-to-end security.
  • Seamless core network server upgrades and 24/7 support from dedicated customer service and technical teams.

Growth in the enterprise and industrial segments for Senet follows a significant increase in demand from the energy and utility sectors which has accelerated the deployment and densification of the company’s LoRaWAN network across the United States to support utility and municipal network builds.

For more information on Senet’s carrier-grade network services for critical infrastructure and essential business applications, download Senet’s new whitepaper: The Value of Carrier-Grade Network Service for the Delivery of LoRaWAN IoT Solutions.

About Senet, Inc.
Senet develops cloud-based software and services used by Network Operators, Application Developers, and System Integrators for the on-demand deployment of Internet of Things (IoT) networks. In addition to industrial and commercial applications, Senet has designed smart meter networks for many municipal water utility districts across the United States, representing millions of households. With a multi-year head start over competing Low Power Wide Area Network technologies, Senet offers technology in over eighty countries and owns and operates the largest publicly available LoRaWAN network in North America. Our disruptive go-to-market models and critical technical advantages have helped us become a leading connectivity provider with recognized expertise in building and operating global IoT networks. For additional information, visit


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