Senet and Radio Bridge Partner to Accelerate IoT Solution Development from Concept to Market

Portsmouth, NH and Minneapolis, MN – June 20, 2019 — Senet, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based software and services platforms to enable global connectivity and network build-out for the Internet of Things (IoT), today announced a partnership with Radio Bridge, a leading designer and manufacturer of low-cost, long-range LoRa®-based wireless sensors, to accelerate the development and delivery of secure and scalable enterprise-class IoT applications.

Through this partnership, Radio Bridge offers its customers the option to purchase Senet LoRaWAN™ network connectivity directly through its device management console, a free web-based service for the automatic provisioning, monitoring and configuration of its low-cost wireless sensors. This integration provides Radio Bridge customers with access to the largest LoRaWAN network in North America and the fastest growing global, Low Power Wide Area IoT network – the Senet Low Power Wide Area Virtual Network (LVN™).

“Senet is a long-standing leader in the IoT market and is unique in the sense that they are truly creating global LoRaWAN network coverage through innovative connectivity and business models,” said Steve Kilts, CEO at Radio Bridge. “Our collaboration allows system and solution developers as well as integrators across many vertical markets to build applications using our broad range of sensors and device management console, which are now compatible and integrated with the Senet network.”

Collectively, Senet and Radio Bridge provide solution developers with all the tools needed to thoroughly and efficiently test devices and bring enterprise-class IoT applications to market, delivering a significant time-to-market advantage. The Senet Developer Portal offers free access to the Senet network for onboarding and testing Radio Bridge’s growing portfolio of low-cost wireless LoRaWAN sensors. The Radio Bridge device management console can be used to provision, monitor, and configure sensors and build the final end-user application through a simple RESTful API interface for uplink sensor messages and downlink configuration.

“We look forward to continuing our work with Radio Bridge to enable solution providers with seamless sensor provisioning, configuration, and instant low power wide area connectivity when deploying a multitude of IoT devices,” said Bruce Chatterley, CEO at Senet. “Our partnership will speed the product development process and provide go-to-market capabilities for developers across a wide range of rapidly advancing IoT applications.”


About Senet, Inc.

A Founding and Contributing Member of the LoRa Alliance, Senet is the leader in global Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity used to instrument the physical world and enable businesses to revolutionize their operations. With core values centered around changing the world for the better, Senet is committed to promoting IoT Network and Network Management innovation and supports an open partner ecosystem to ensure that IoT realizes its full potential of delivering economic, environmental, and social improvements. Senet is dedicated to supporting the LoRaWAN protocol as the open global standard for secure, carrier-grade Low Power Wide Area (LPWA) connectivity for IoT solutions across all industries. For additional information, visit


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About Radio Bridge

Radio Bridge Inc designs and manufactures long-range wireless sensors for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry using emerging wireless standards such as LoRaWAN. The portfolio of sensors are all designed for very long range, low cost, and extended battery life applications. Target industries include building security and automation, smart city, medical device, and industrial automation. All products are designed with an open architecture for flexible integration, and an optional web-based console for provisioning, monitoring, and configuration of the sensors in the field. Custom design is also available with the goal of achieving seamless sensor-to-cloud solutions for a variety of applications. For additional information visit