EnerTrac Announces a Major Restructuring and the Launch of Senet, the Sensible Network Company

More than a name change, EnerTrac announces a major restructuring and the launch of Senet, the Sensible Network company as it launches its third generation ISM network.

Hudson, NH (PRWEB) November 06, 2014

Today EnerTrac announces a major restructuring, and the launch of Senet, the Sensible Network Company.

For over 4 years EnerTrac has been building its own private Long Range/Low Cost network based on proprietary RF technology as it has successfully rolled out its home heating fuel delivery automation system across the country. Today the EnerTrac network provides more than 45,000 square miles of coverage throughout the USA, with plans to more than triple that through 2015.

Likewise, the IoT market for M2M solutions is exploding and many of the IoT solution providers find themselves facing the technical challenge of building a private network in order to deliver an affordable cost-effective technology solution. A challenge much like EnerTrac had four years ago, and a technology resource most companies don’t have.

Based on the success of EnerTrac’s geographic expansion, concurrent with the evolution of the IoT/M2M market, the company is evolving to better support its core application, heating fuel delivery automation, and become a resource for the universe of IoT solution providers requiring access to an established network. Thus, in a unique position to launch a public tenant network that could be made available to other vertical market solution providers — an established and proven Sensible Network — the company changed its name to Senet becoming the first public Network as a Service (NaaS) provider in the US for a low cost long range ISM network.

More than a name change, Senet recognizes the important part their network growth and expanded company vision have in transforming and supporting the IoT/M2M industry. To further support the expansive array of unique applications hosted on the Senet network, Senet will be launching third generation network technology in the immediate future.

EnerTrac heating fuel delivery automation solution will continue as an important and industry recognized Senet offering becoming one of many Senet solutions. With new Senet Enabled third generation technology, the EnerTrac solution has been renamed EnerTracSE.

Today the two most readily used networks are either Cell Networks or Local Area Networks (LAN) using WiFi, Zigbee, Zwave, etc. Cell, although readily available is too costly for many applications. LAN installations, on the other hand, while low cost, are limited-distance networks making wide area implementation not possible.

The Senet solution is RF-based and designed to provide the ability to transmit and receive data to and from sensors and controllers over a long distance at very low costs. As a result many new applications based on attractive ROI’s are now feasible and the number of potential Senet network tenants delivering those applications is extensive.

Senet is in a unique solution to not only offer potential IoT partners a robust state-of-the-art network to connect sensor/control applications to the internet, but bring advanced network management tools and years of IoT/M2M experience creating complete end to end solutions. Senet has had to design and build its own sensors, transmitters, receivers, gateway’s, cloud infrastructure, date manipulation and user applications, and as a result can provide application assistance for any part or all of the development and implementation process.

George Dannecker, Senet CEO and President, “Senet is on the cutting edge of a revolution. M2M applications will fundamentally change how people live and industries operate, and Senet NaaS will be the enabler. For our existing and prospective EnerTrac SE heating fuel dealers, the Senet 3rd generation network will deliver enhanced performance now and well into the future.”

About Senet:
Senet, Inc. is a leader in the rapidly-emerging Internte of Things (IoT) / Machine-to-Machine (M2M) marketplace and the first public Network as a Service (NaaS) provider in the US for a low cost / long range ISM network. Through its established countrywide network, Senet enables monitoring services that help America’s most efficient and environmentally-conscious businesses improve profits by managing and measuring the status of widely distributed assets — businesses such as residential fuel oil and propane tank automation, water and gas metering, commercial lubrications distribution, solar irradiance, and many more.

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