Our team brings decades of experience from large and small companies. From communications technology, to cloud-based software to hardware, we’ve touched every layer of the stack across the IoT ecosystem.

Bruce Chatterley

CEO & President


Dave Kjendal



Mark Baltier



Mark Ewen

Executive Vice President of Sales


Board of Directors

Bruce Chatterley

CEO & President at Senet

Richard Dumler

Partner at Milestone Venture Partners (MVP)

Todd Warden

Managing Partner at Bootpack Ventures

Tom Groos

Partner at City Light Capital

Stephen Rose

Managing Director of Fisk Ventures, LLC

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Cloud-Based Software and Services for the On-Demand Build-Out and Management of Global IoT Networks

Why Senet

We are working with hundreds of disruptive businesses to revolutionize their products and operations by delivering standardized low-cost network connectivity where it’s needed, when it’s needed and at the most efficient total cost of ownership. To help you get there, we are creating new operating paradigms, innovative business models and partnering with leading technology and business partners across the IoT ecosystem.


Visit our resources page to find material to help you learn more about LoRaWAN technology, Senet products and services and a growing library of case studies, use cases, whitepapers and other material.

Developer Portal

Access the Senet Developer Portal for onboarding and testing of LoRaWAN end device sensors and gateways. Validate your end device functionality, gain insight into the end device behavior on the Senet network, and gain confidence that the data communications and performance meet the requirements for commercial deployment.